Join us today, Wednesday, September 30th for the InformationWeek Virtual Event: Mainframe Reframed for the Application Economy, sponsored by CA Technologies. Attend this unique virtual event to gain new insights on how to reframe your mainframe to drive increased value in the application economy. Interact with experts and get latest information on DevOps, data management, network, performance, and security management. Learn how you can optimize your mainframe in the new device-driven world to create an environment where your business can be agile but trusted, uncomplicated but robust. Best of all – take advantage of all these lessons learned without having to leave your desk.

Participate in keynote presentations on topics such as:

  • Reframing mainframe for the Application Economy
  • Transforming from a “Break and Fix” to a “Predict & Prevent” Organization
  • Driving Innovation and Value on Your Mainframe with Linux and Open Source

Learn how to:

  • build and maintain an infrastructure that supports the transformation to an application-focused enterprise
  • excel at DevOps, mobile data management, network performance, data security and optimizing your mainframe so you can create an environment
  • where your business can be agile but trusted
  • optimize the experiences your customers and business partners have with your brand
  • evolve your IT strategy from one that relies too heavily on a “break and fix” mode to a more efficient “predict and prevent” approach

Be sure to visit Cetan Corp in the Workload Automation “booth” in the Mainframe Expo Hall.

This event has passed.