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Infographic – 5 Tips to Grow Your Business With Office 365

Learn More! Microsoft Office 365 offers loads of useful features that benefit businesses of all sizes. Learn more about how Office 365 can empower your organization, and view FREE TRIAL OPTIONS on our Microsoft Office 365 page.

Cetan Corp Presents Microsoft Office 365 – Use automatic replies without Exchange

Microsoft Outlook provides users with powerful tools to manage their email when they are away. Users can organize incoming email messages into folders based on subject for easy review upon their return. Automatic replies to new emails can also be

Cetan Corp Presents Microsoft Office 365 – Rules to keep your inbox organized while you're away

With Microsoft Outlook, users can sort email messages received while away for easy access to important information upon their return. Setting up these folders ensures that messages from designated people and topics are all organized in the same place. Automatic

Cetan Corp Presents Microsoft Office 365 – Set up automatic replies

Users of Microsoft Outlook can create automated email responses for days and times when they are away. These can be set up to automatically send during certain hours of the day, or activated during vacation time. Customized replies can be

Cetan Corp Presents Microsoft Office 365 – Resend if you cannot recall a message

Sometimes, emails are sent with mistakes present. Microsoft Outlook gives users the ability to revise and resend emails to fix errors. If the message has already been read, that copy can not be replaced, but it is possible to make

Cetan Corp Presents Microsoft Office 365 – Recall, replace, or resend sent mail

Microsoft Outlook contains features that reduce the risk of sending emails that contain errors. Users can modify or delete messages until they have been read by their recipients. The recall and replace features allow edits and revisions between the time